Piano Quartet (2021) for Piano & String Trio
Impressions of a Starry Night (2020) for Piano
Exordium (2019) for Flute & Bass Clarinet
Triptych for Flute, Violoncello & Piano
Lament for Theodore (2020) for Bass Flute Solo
In Aeternam (2020) for String Quartet
Along the Cygnus Wall (2014)
Flute: Iwona Glinka
Monody of Icarus (2021) for Flute & Piano
Walk Through a Quiet Place (2020) for Piano
Chant of the Keledones (2020) for Alto Flute Solo
Talus for Piccolo & Tam-tam (York 2006)
Echosymplokon for Symphony Orchestra (Webern Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Simeon Pironkoff, Vienna 2014)
Fthenxis (2010) for 3 Female Voices
Illustration (2005) for Chamber Orchestra
B. Fl. Micrography (2020) for Bass Flute Solo
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