List of Works

Orchestral Works

Astyanax (2022) for Symphony Orchestra

Echosymplokon (2009) for Symphony Orchestra Pemiered by Webern Symphony Orchestra, Vienna, Conductor: Simeon Pironkoff

Illustration (2005) for Chamber Orchestra, Premiered by ALEA III, Boston, Conductor: Gunther Schuller

Concerto for Piccolo/Alto Flute & Chamber Orchestra (2008)

Concerto for Timpani & Orchestra (2011)

Chamber Works

Troy in Flames (2022) for Flute, Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Vibraphone & Contrabass

Last Sight of Hecabe (2021) for Flute(s) & Percussion

Venti (2021) for 4 Flutes

Monody of Icarus (2021) for Flute & Piano, Premiered by Vassiliki Malamou & Elena Perisynaki

Piano Quartet (2021) for Piano, Violins, Viola & Violoncello, Recorded by Phasma Music

Talus (2006) Premiered in University of York, Piccolo: Manos Panayiotakis, Tam-tam: Dimitris Tasoudis

a4 (2008) for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion & Piano, Premiered in York, Chimera Ensemble

Angles (2007) for Clarinet, Vibraphone & String Trio, Premiered in York, Chimera Ensemble

Aoide (2008) for Chamber Ensemble, Premiered in York, Chimera Ensemble, Conductor: Benjamin Gait

Shades of Chromosphere (2017) for Flute, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion & Piano, composed during VICC Residency, Visby, Sweden

Construction (2007) for Flute, Bass Drum & Violoncello, Premiered in York, Chimera Ensemble

Despondent Clocks (2007) for Oboe, Baritone, Percussion, Contrabass & Piano

DFS (2010) for Flute Ensemble, Premiered in Heraklion, Colours Conservatory Flute Class

Echoes of the Seventh Trumpet (2019) for Trumpet & Piano

Exordium (2019) for Flute & Bass Clarinet

Fields of Asphodel (2007) for Piano & 4 Strings, Premiered in Athens, Epicyclus Ensemble

In Aeternam (2020) for String Quartet

Inertial Motion (2010) for Chamber Ensemble, Premiered in Manchester, Chimera Ensemble, Conductor: John-Goldie Scott

Metamorphosis of Alcyone (2013) for Flute Quartet, Premiered in Athens by Iwona Glinka’s Flute Class

Octaphonia (2009) for Chamber Ensemble, Premiered in Athens, Greek Composers Union Contemporary Music Ensemble, Conductor: Iakovos Konitopoulos

Perseid Storm (2011) for 10 Violoncelli

Phaena (2013) for Flute & Vibraphone

Quartet (2004) for Flute, Female Voice, Violoncello & Piano, Premiered in Athens, Undergraduate Students Ensemble of National & Kapodistrian University

Quintet (2004) for Chamber Ensemble, Premiered in Patras, Greek Composers Union Contemporary Music Ensemble

Sirens (2006) for Flute, Violoncello & Piano, Premiered in Athens by Greek Composers Union Contemporary Music Ensemble, in Memoriam of Lukas Foss

String Quartet No. 1 (2008), Workshoped in York, Kreutzer Quartet

Triptych (2019), for Flute, Violoncello & Piano

Δεν υπάρχουν τα Κύθηρα, Μανώλη… – There are no Cythera, Manolis…, (2016), for Violin, Horn & Piano

Vocal Works

Black Lines (2016) for 4-part mixed Choir

Five Little Songs for Children (2004) for Female Voice & Celesta

Fthenxis (2011) for 3 Female Voices, Premiered in York, Juice Trio Vocal Ensemble

Hymnus Solis (2019) for 4-part mixed Choir & Piano

O Gente Umana (2015) for Female Voice & Piano

The Flowers Appear on Earth (2010) for 4-part mixed Choir & Piano, to be performed by World Oceans Vocal Ensemble, USA

3 Songs (2007) for Female Voice & Piano

Solo Works

Idol of Clytemnestra (2021-22) for Piano, premiered by Eleni Kamaratou, Archanes Piano Academy, 2022

Lament for Theodore (2020) for Bass Flute, Recorded by Phasma Music

Impressions of a Starry Night (2020) for Piano, Recorded by Phasma Music, Piano: Tamara Lincheli

Walkthrough in a Quiet Place (2020) for Piano, Dedicated to and Premiered by Elena Perisynaki, Heraklion-Crete

Aeorisis (2006) for Flute, Premiered in Athens by Manos Panayiotakis

Along the Cygnus Wall (2014) for Flute, Recorded by Sarton, Flute: Iwona Glinka

Elsewhere (2005) for Piano

Etude (2002) for Flute Headjoint Alone, Premiered in London in October 2022 by Simon Desorgher (25th London New Winds Festival)

Inscription (2016) for Flute, Premiered in USA by Robin Meiksins

Invention 1 (2019) for Flute, Dedicated to and Premiered by Vassiliki Malamou, Heraklion

Invention & Fugue (2013) for Marimba

Lux Perpetua (2005) for Flute, Premiered in Athens by Manos Panayiotakis

Microlude (2011) for Flute, Recorded and Published in Youtube by Manos Panayiotakis

Microlude 2 (2017) for Piano

Microlude 3 (2015) for Timpani

Romance (2012) for Piano, Premiered by Vassiliki Pavlaki

3 Pieces for Flute (2001), Premiered in Athens by Iwona Glinka

Chant of the Keledones (2020) for Alto Flute

Tu Solus I (2008) for Tenor Recorder

Tu Solus II (2008) for Timpani

Tu Solus III (2009) for Flute, Premiered in York by Manos Panayiotakis

Tu Solus IV (2009) for Mandolin

Tu Solus V (2010) for Guitar, Premiered in York by Stefan Östersjö

Tu Solus VI (2011) for Marimba, Premiered in Athens by Theodore Milkov

Tu Solus VII (2014) for Bass Clarinet

Scene Works

Kae Svinei o Helios (2006) for Flute & Dance, Premiered in Leeds by Manos Panayiotakis (Flute) and Leanne Watkinson in a choreography by Alice Moran

Sisyphus (2008) for Voices & Large Ensemble, Premiered in York, Chimera Ensemble, Trombone Solo: John Goldie-Scott, Conductor: Manos Panayiotakis


B.Fl Micrography (for Bass Flute) Premiered in USA by Lisa Cella,

Cl. Micrography (for B flat Clarinet) Premiered in USA by Thomas Piercy

Hrp. Micrography (for Harp)

Vlc. Micrography (for Violoncello)

Fl. Micrography (for C Flute) Premiered in Netherlands by Alise Anna Alksne

T.Pno. Micrography (for Toy Piano)

Pno. Micrography (for Piano)

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